The Birth of Olivium


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At Olivium, we believe that a space that welcomes babies for the first time into the world must be extraspecial and extrabeautiful. Olivium Postnatal Care Center is a pleasant and family-friendly space surrounded by lush green forest and equipped with dedicated medical staff and top-notch facilities. Experience a whole new world of postnatal care and luxurious comfort at Olivium.

Olivium FeatureFeatures

  • A postnatal care center that offers first-class medical care and services
    The systematic postnatal care program and partnership with Seran General Hospital ensure effective and prompt service to cater to mothers and babies’ health needs. A house pediatrician does rounds every day to thoroughly check up on newborns’ conditions.
  • Security and infection control
    The 24/7 security system covers the whole premises, including the main gate and the entire building. As the center is housed in a single building owned by a single owner, thoroughgoing infection control is ensured.
  • Husband services
    Suites are available with optional beds for husbands. Our prenatal therapeutic care program for both mothers and fathers enable couples to build precious memories and celebrate the imminent birth of their babies together. Our café provides a breakfast menu for husbands after mothers deliver their babies.
  • Newborn room filled with sunlight
    Our newborn room is kept perfectly hygienic at all times, thanks to the latest cleaning technology and the passion of the staff for protecting the fragile newborn against various diseases and infections. The whole-glass panel windows admit lots of natural light into the room.
  • Exclusive therapeutic spa for mothers
    Our spa features unique equipment rarely seen in other spas catering to pregnant and postpartum women. Our spa program is designed to restore radiance and firmness to mothers’ skin and body shapes. The wide range of special equipment in our spa includes machines for reducing freckles, mitigating swelling, Nd-YAG for reducing stretch marks, Accutra, high-/medium-/low-frequency wave emitters, and an external body shock generator.
  • Lactation Consulting Center
    The on-site lactation experts help mothers prevent and manage mastitis, regulate their milk flow, and stop breastfeeding. The center director helps mothers adopt the correct breastfeeding posture and trains mothers to achieve pain-free breastfeeding habits.

brand identityOlivium Staff

Olivium Postnatal Care Center, which is dedicated to providing luxurious comfort to mothers and babies, boasts a staff of top-notch caliber capable of providing first-class services based upon their expertise and experience. At Olivium, we are committed to providing services of uncompromised quality for all guests at all times.

Baek Yun-hee, Olivium Director / Lactation Center Director
– Breastfeeding massage and posture coaching expert
– With 17 years of experience in breastfeeding coaching
Has helped over 10,000 mothers breastfeed their babies
Former Director, Angel Breastfeeding Research Institute
Former Director, Marge Postnatal Care Center
Former Director, Hu Postnatal Care Center
Former Director, J Women’s Postnatal Care Center
Former Director, Jasmine Postnatal Care Center
Cho Yeon-su, MD, Pediatrician
– Graduate, Chung-Ang University College of Medicine
– Intern, Catholic University Medical Center
– Resident, Catholic University Medical Center
– Pediatrician, St. Mary’s Hospital Seoul
– Pediatrician Specialist, St. Mary’s Hospital Yeouido
– Member, Korean Pediatrics Society
– Member, Korean Academy of Pediatric Allergies and Respiratory Diseases
– Member, Korean Society of Neonatology
– Specialties: General pediatric conditions, vaccination and immunization, infant checkups, child growth counseling, pediatric infections, neonatal conditions, pediatric allergies and respiratory diseases, and pediatric digestive diseases
– Former Specialist, Poyumun Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic
– Former Specialist, Future and Hope Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic
Kim Na-gyeong, Olivine Spa Director
Former Director, Skin Story Spa
Former Director, La Beauty Core Aesthetic Spa
Former Director, Macau Dermatologist Clinic’s Spa
Former Director, Hotel Prima Aesthetic Spa
Accounting Department
Accounting Department
Acquisition Department
Jang Myeonghak
Room Department
Shin Myeongsuk, Manager
With 17 years of Newborn room team leader
Hospital Coordinator Certificate (Class 1)
Breast massage training
Room Department
Room Department
Lactation Center
Lactation Center
Lactation Center
Yang Mi-gyeong, Manager
– Delactation Specialist
– With 10 years of experience in breastfeeding coaching
–Has helped over 2,000 mothers stop breastfeeding
Worked as a nurse at:
Daejeon University Medical Center
Eulji Hospital;
Hu Postnatal Care Center; and
J Women’s Hospital
Breastfeeding and breast management expert
Completed certified training on medication during pregnancy
Lactation Center
Park Yeong-ja
Completed UNICEF Breastfeeding Support Agent Training
Completed International Dullah Training
International infant massage specialist
Completed certified training on medication during pregnancy
Lactation Center
Lee Ju-yeon
Breastfeeding pain management
Skin-care aesthetician license
Formerly worked at La Madre Postnatal Care Center
Gangnam Gung Postnatal Care Center
Newborn Room
Ryu Sun-hyang, Manager
Former Nurse, Severance Hospital
Former Nurse, Grace Hospital Ilsan
Newborn Room
Jang Geum-ji, Assistant Manager
Formerly worked at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Mowaja Hospital
Former Manager, Donggurami Postnatal Care Center
Former Deputy Director, Donggurami Postnatal Care Center
Newborn Room
Lim Gyeong-suk, Assistant Manager
Former Nurse, Chung-Ang University Hospital
Former Chief Nurse, Hu Postnatal Care Center
Newborn Room
Jeong Hyo-suk, Assistant Manager
Former Nurse, Dongshin Hospital
Former Chief Nurse, Gangseo Seran Hospital
Newborn Room
Yu Yun-su, Assistant Manager
Formerly worked at Saimdang Postnatal Care Center
Formerly worked at Donggurami Postnatal Care Center
Newborn Room
Newborn Room
Newborn Room
Newborn Room
Newborn Room
Newborn Room
Lactation Center
Won Sun-ok
Cheil Medical Center Postnatal Care Center
Hosan Hospital
Amorium Postnatal Care Center
Maintenance Department
Jeon Won-ho, Manager
– With over 30 years of experience in facility maintenance
– Holds certificates and licenses in fire safety, building safety, boiler systems, airconditioner and freezer, etc.
Olivine Spa
Cooking Department
Cooking Department
Cooking Department
Lee Chun-yeong, Manager
Formerly worked at Hanhwa Development Inc.’s Plaza Hotel (Japanese cuisine and banquets)
Former Director, Ginza Japanese Restaurant, Shinhwa Food Group Inc.
Cooking Department
Lee Nam-gyeong, Nutritionist
– Holds a nutritionist license
Café at the Park
Café at the Park
Consultation Department
Kim Gyeonghui, Manager
– Injung Hospital postnatal care center
– Dongrami postnatal care center

Partnership with Seran Hospital

Olivium provides medical services in partnership with all the 16 departments of Seran Hospital.

  • Pediatrician specialist
  • Obstetrician/gynecologist specialist
  • Orthopedics specialist
  • Emergency medicine specialist
  • Surgery Specialist

brand identityAbout the Brand Identity

  • Olivium is a compound word of olive tree and uterus, which means the cradle of life that always replenishes blue energy to mother and baby.

brand identityDirections

4-1 Tongil-ro 16-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Gate 1, Doknipmun Station, Metro Line 3)
Tel. No.:+82-2-730-1717 / For inquiries and booking: +82-2-738-3335